Musk Process Services (Musk) Annual Go-Karting at Daytona, Tamworth

October 13, 2017 | News |

Musk Process Services (Musk) held its annual Go-Karting Team Racing Event for customers and suppliers at Daytona, Tamworth. The event features a 20 minute qualifying period followed by an hour long day-night team racing event with Musk Process Services (Musk) employees paired with guests from our suppliers and customers. With a new grid of DMAX-GT karts, featuring Sodi’s hi-tech racing chassis design with Rotax’s amazing EVO 125cc two-stroke engine everyone got the opportunity to race in a high-performance racing kart on the 1000m GP Circuit.

Despite a number of spectacular high-speed encounters with the tyre walls, everyone came through the event unscathed and thoroughly enjoyed the adrenalin fueled experience of taking corners at speeds approaching 70 mph.

Race winning team Ben Dade (Pugh & Sanders) and Callum Broadhurst (Musk Process Services) blew the field away with some stunningly fast and consistent lap times. Jak Dixon (Dixon Engineering) and Craig Brunt (Musk Process Services) came in second with Jeff Dixon (Dixon Engineering) and Jake Emmerson (Musk Process Services) third of the 15 teams. A big thank you to all our guests for joining us for the event and to the excellent Daytona Tamworth team for their excellent and professional organisation and support.