Project Management Team

We take ownership of the challenges to turn them into business solutions

Project Management Team

From a client’s initial concept, we take ownership of the challenges to turn them into business solutions. Our engineering teams offer a single point of contact to complete what we see as an “in-house” project, taking it through to commissioning.

The first step is to assemble the correct team to see the project through to the end. In addition to our people, this may include personnel from the client, any of their professional advisers and/or main contractor and must be achieved by liaison between all parties to attain the mutually desired goal. This management team must be dedicated to the project and have the skills and experience to realise the full potential of the latest technologies and techniques.

Planning ahead is vital and we recognise that this requires the team to focus on a number of areas including:

  • The timing of key stages in the project.
  • Procurement arrangements for manpower allocation, plant and equipment and specialist services.
  • Ensuring appropriate site management and supervision, co-ordination with others on site, quality and financial control.
  • Compliance with statutory and other requirements.
  • Health and Safety considerations.
  • In addition to planning, the project team will also retain responsibility for completion and commissioning documentation and final accounting.

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive installation service, on time and within budget, to the completion satisfaction of our clients.

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