extensive distillery experience

Musk Process Services (Musk) has extensive experience of distillery design and installation. The Distillery Industry in the UK remains a strong and growing sector with UK sales in the region of £20bn. Musk’s aims to meet the needs of this sector.

We are capable of handling all types of distillery project from simple stainless steel tanks and vessels to complete distilleries, taking the project right from initial concept to commissioning.

Musk Process Services (Musk) Equipment and Systems:

  • MCV (Mash Conversion Vessel) – underback – lauter tun / mash tun
  • copper – EWB (External Wort Boiler) – hopback / hopnik
  • Hot & cold liquor systems
  • Spent grains
  • Fermentation / Washbacks
  • Yeast storage & skimming systems / propagation / pitching
  • Heat Exchangers
  • CIP systems
  • Refrigeration systems / Chillers
  • Process pipework – including pumps and valves
  • Utility pipework, liquor & water systems, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen

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