providing successful solutions to customer challenges

The handling and processing both liquid / solid food is an innovative and vibrant industry which introduces new products to the market place continually so as to meet an ever increasing demand.

These products need to be developed with the highest degree of hygiene whilst applying latest technology.

Musk Process Services (Musk) has featured consistently in the introduction of new products by working with their customers in order to produce the best value. Using innovative design and adding value, our experienced team can provide a successful solution to customer’s challenges.

Products include:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • Bakery (bread / cakes)
  • Flavourings
  • Jam
  • Ready cooked meals
  • Frozen food
  • Spices
  • Canned / bottled food
  • Cooking oils

Process development:

  • Effective handling
  • Storage & distribution
  • Fluid transportation
  • Processing
  • Blending
  • Mixing
  • Cooking
  • Cip
  • Recycling & waste management

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