Cott's Beverages

Freeze Pops CIP

Freeze Pops CIP

Freeze Pops CIP

Customer: Cott’s Beverages
Value: £1.31m
Sector: Non Alcoholic Beverage

Project Summary:

Cott’s produce various drinks and freeze pops at the factory, in Wrexham, the existing CIP system is not adequate to clean the system to the degree required.

Musk have designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a fully automated CIP system to clean the Bulk system and Multi system, each of these comprise of 10 mixing tanks, 10 holding tanks and 10 fillers that fill 5 different flavours and colours.

The product pipework from the tanks to the fillers was also replaced with fully orbital welded pipework.

Each filling system was fully automated with new automated valves and controls.

The 3 tank CIP system was configured to do a 3 stage clean with hot caustic and a 5 stage clean with full sterilisation final stage.

  • 3 CIP tanks pre-rinse, hot caustic and final rinse
  • Process, utility pipework and insulation
  • Electrical installation
  • Detailed Functional specification
  • Full software control Siemens 7 platform
  • Fully tested and commissioned

The project was installed and commissioned into a existing production area whilst production continued, a challenging successful project. The client was very satisfied with the automated CIP System.

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