Hopback Brewery

New Copper and EWB

Wort Kettle / Whirlpool & EWB

Wort Kettle / Whirlpool & EWB

Customer: Hopback Brewery
Value: £130k
Sector: Alcoholic Beverage

Project Summary:

It was in 1986 that Hop Back history began, in a public house on the outskirts of Salisbury in Wiltshire.

Within two years, the beers were achieving recognition at CAMRA’s beer festivals.

In 2000 the start of the expansion to the current site at Downton began.

2016 saw the Installation of the New Musk Brewhouse Technology.

Wort Kettle / Whirlpool

Measuring 2500mm diameter x 2500mm straight shell, the Wort Kettle/Whirlpool, is vertical, cylindrical with conical 90 degree top cone and flat slopping base. Trub removal is through the tangential bottom outlet.

External Wort Boiler (EWB)

The External wort Boiler is vertical, cylindrical and with removable flanged & dished bonnets. The body measures 600mm diameter x 3000mm straight shell.

The combined Wort Kettle/Whirlpool & External Wort Boiler would be designed to evaporate 10% per hour.

3% Increase in yield. Dramatically reduced brew length and substantial energy cost reduction.

  • Kettle and EWB design Fabrication and Install
  • Process, utility pipework and insulation
  • Electrical installation
  • Detailed Functional specification
  • Full software control

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