Marston's Brewery

4 Conditioning Tanks

4 Conditioning Tanks

4 Conditioning Tanks

Customer: Marston’s Brewery
Value: £340k
Sector: Alcoholic Beverage

Project Summary:

Marston’s brewery started brewing in Burton-on-Trent in 1834.

Marston’s came to Burton for the water that gives the beers the depth of flavour, character & crisp taste.


Marston’s 4 No conditioning tanks project was a challenge from start to finish, initial challenge came from having fixed point plinths to locate the vessel legs onto, this lead onto the challenge when fixing the platform to the tops of the tanks, any variegations at the bottoms on the legs had an effect on the way the platform fit together at the top.

The install happened over 2 weekends. Intensive Engineering resource was required to overcome a difficult site install.

What Musk provided:

  • 4 No conditioning tanks
  • 1 No fixed platform

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