Sealed Air - Diversey

Inline Blending Project

Inline Blending Project

Customer: Sealed Air Ltd
Value: £600k
Sector: Chemical

Project Summary:

Diversey Care is a branch of the Sealed Air group. They have a central manufacturing facility in Derbyshire that produce ingredients for products such as Surf, Persil, Pledge and many more. The facility in Somercotes, Derbyshire, opened in 1991. They are supported by manufacturing plants and offices throughout Europe.

The purpose of this project was to enable production to shift from the reliance on bulk raw material stores to “just in time” raw material delivery. This would offer two-fold benefits – a reduction in the amount of waste per batch and the ability to change from product to product with greater efficiency.

The two inline blending skids Musk provided call for chemicals from the bulk storage area when required – dependant upon the product recipe. Once blending is complete, the product is dispensed into IBC’s before packaging.

A complete Turnkey solution including:

  • Two state of the art inline blending skids
  • Supply of Pipework from the raw material storage area
  • Software control with batch recording facilities
  • Technical support throughout a prolonged commissioning period

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